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The Legend

Dr. Heinrich Von Eldergears was born in 1895 in Germany. His mother passed away when he was just 9 years old. His father was a Ringmaster for a traveling circus. Having grown up in this environment, Heinrich wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father desired something more for him. He wanted his son to become a Doctor. You see, Heinrich was quite intelligent for his age and unbeknownst to Heinrich, his father had become ill but did not know how he would ever be cured from his disease. He hoped that one day his son would become a Doctor and create a cure for him.

As Heinrich grew, thanks to his father, he took an interest in the sciences and medicines of the world. During his youth, Heinrich met another young man named Christophe Khrankhauser, who also had an interest in science and medicine. Though not as intelligent as Heinrich, both would come to form a deep friendship for each other. When Heinrich was 19 years old, his father succumbed to his illness and passed away at 49 years of age. Heinrich, devastated by the loss of his father, dedicated his life to trying to bring him back to the world of the living. Christophe never questioned his friend and devoted his life to the same. One year after the death of his father, Heinrich met a beautiful young woman by the name of Roxie, who was a circus performer. Just after a year of knowing each other, Heinrich and Roxie married.

Heinrich finished school a few years later along with Christophe and both became Doctors. For years they worked together in a hospital. As they worked together, they would secretly conduct tests on patients without their knowledge or the knowledge of the hospital staff or management. They were desperate to find a cure for the illness that took the life of Heinrich’s father and even, if possible, bring him back from the dead. After some time, the hospital staff began to sense something was wrong as things were going missing from the hospital and at times, patients were getting worse quicker than what they should have been. One day, hospital staff walked in on Dr. Eldergears and Dr. Khrankhauser while they were conducting an experiment on a patient and they both were fired from the hospital immediately.

Dr. Eldergears, his family and Dr. Khrankhauser all decided to move to America. Heinrich vowed to return for his father’s body one day and bring him back to life. Dr. Eldergears and Dr. Khrankhauser continued to conduct experiments on land that Heinrich had purchased. He created a makeshift lab out behind his home in a small town. Hoping it would not end up being noticed by those around him as he only conducted the experiments at night when the people in town slept. One night, Dr. Eldergears and Dr. Khrankhauser were conducting some experiments when something positive finally happened in their favor. They were creating a robotic creature that would help in the experimentation to bring people back to life. Dr. Eldergears loved the story of Frankenstein and thought that the ability of bringing someone back from the dead might actually be possible and that the story might actually hold a secret key to that which any other person might not see or think possible. For this purpose he created a creature to assist in his experimentation process. But upon its creation, things backfired. The creature began to develop a mind of its own and wreak havoc in his lab. Not wanting the creature to escape, Dr. Eldergears created a chamber to house the creature, which he would come to call “Apocalypse”.

Months after his newest creation failed to fulfill his dreams, Dr. Eldergears and Dr. Khrankhauser continued their experiments. One night while conducting a new experiment, an explosion occurred in the lab, killing Dr. Eldergears. His wife, Roxie, was distraught over the death of her husband. For the funeral they dressed him in his father’s ringmaster costume in order to be buried properly. Before burial, she went and spoke to Dr. Khrankhauser to see if there was any way that he would be willing to continue to conduct the experiments in the hopes of bringing him back. Upon returning to the lab, they placed his body on a table. Dr. Khrankhauser brought the creature from the Chamber, where it was housed, over to the lab. He connected it to another machine and was able to get it powered to conduct the experiment per the instructions in the journal left behind by Dr. Eldergears. He worked throughout the night to get things right. In the early hours of the morning, he decided it was ready. Dr. Khrankhauser pulled the lever and lightning struck and caused an explosion in the lab once again but this time it left Dr. Khrankhauser badly injured. Upon coming to, he saw that Dr. Eldergears was standing up but he looked much different. He had been transformed into this skeletal being and the ringmaster costume was now badly mangled but it had even transformed slightly and mysteriously along with the Doctor.

Due to this, Dr. Eldergears created a new suit for his friend to help him to breathe properly again and survive. Thus two people went into this experiment and two totally different people were born from it. From the ashes rose…GEARSWORTH and DR. DEATH! Can you trespass the land of Gearsworth and survive? or Will you become one of his newest experiments? Time will tell!