LAB-X: This is the infamous lab, constructed by Dr. Eldergears and Dr. Khrankhauser before it was blown to pieces. Now, they both have been busy reconstructing the lab after the two separate explosions destroyed much of their work. Renamed LAB-X after beginning to reconstruct the new lab, Gearsworth and Dr. Death have decided to continue their work, now that they know it can be done. Can you make it through the lab without becoming a part of another one of their horrendous experiments? Well…we shall see!

Chamber of the “Apocalypse”: Here it is! Your fate! What will you choose? You will have to decide your fate and see whether you chose life or eternal damnation. While the choice may be yours, the consequences of that choice are not yours to decide! May the odds ever be in your favor.

House of Gears: More details coming soon!